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David Glover Sings


In this day and time, rarely do you find an individual whose voice echoes the sound and reminiscence of the great legends and icons of yesterday. With a voice often compared to Arthur Prysocks, Billy Eckstine, and Johnny Hartman, Glover trademarks a singing style that is uniquely his own.

William Warfield once proclaimed Glover, a great voice with high potential.

 Glover has engaged in performances from storefronts to Carnegie Hall, and from street-corners to major studios and symphony orchestras, Glover’s voice reigns.

 Glover is not only a songster who has delved in a diversity of musical genres such as jazz, blues, R&B, gospel, and classical, but also is he, a vocal coach, composer, actor, playwright and a host of other skills and talents he’s been noted for in the arts. Perhaps the theater stage and the musical stage has been the magic formula that sets him aside from most artists of our time. Also, perhaps, the vocal teaching and vocal mentoring approach he uses with his students is the formula that makes him so innovative and didactic next to his competitors. Glover continuously looks ahead to do more, and to share more of his calling.

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