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50 and over (except investors can be any age) join us in creation, innovation and celebration of:

The Dawn of the boomer music genre”


BoomerBaby Records is a record label associated with the sales and marketing of music recordings and music videos appealing to the 50 plus population. Our focus is music creation and development; Our aim is to innovate a unique sound and image the world of music lover will recognize; our message in our music productions is to awaken the frustrated, sleepy minds and deaf ears of our elder listeners with a new era of old school sounds.  The older listeners are growing tired of the same 'old song' and they're not hearing the new stuff that's dominating the chart. So let's create together ~ “boomer music'for baby boomers and others.”


Founder: David Glover


Songs from The Great Fear of Aging show 

  • Don't Tell Your Age


  • Thank God I'm Still Alive


  • The Older I Get, The Better I Feel


Song from The Bamboozle Effect of Old Age

  • Bamboozle Effect of Old Age


Song from Everybody's Old

  • Everybody's Old 


Song from What Is Old To You?

  • What Is Old To You?


No name presentation

  • Life's About Living


All tunes written by David Glover except:

Everything Must Change Bernard Ighner

You're An Old Girl Now From the tune “You're a Big Girl Now” by Marty Bryant & Robert Douglas -Additional lyricsby David Glover

Old Girl from Ipanema From the tune “Girl From Ipanema” By Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vincius de Moraes - Additional lyricsby David Glover


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